Pre-Owned Ford Vehicle Specials

Serving Price, Mt. Pleasant, and Carbon County, UT                   

If you are in the Price, UT area and are looking to get a great on Ford pre-owned cars, trucks, or SUV's at an equally great price, you are in luck! Our Price dealership has an excellent inventory of Ford vehicles to choose from and all are high-quality automobiles. From crossover SUVs like the Ford Escape to compact sedans like the Ford Focus and even pickup trucks like the fabled F-150, we make it easy for you to find the right car for you, regardless of what you are looking for. In addition to giving you great cars to choose from, we also have excellent special offers so that you can get the car you want at an incredible price. With our great selection and amazing prices, our Price, UT location is absolutely the place to get your next pre-owned Ford. So what are you waiting for? Call us and see what Ford pre-owned cars, trucks, or SUV's we have in stock today!

The Pre-owned Advantage

Buying a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV can not only help you avoid a large depreciation hit and untested new technologies, but saves you money as well, especially with the great specials we have on offer. A car loses value the fastest in the first couple of years of ownership, which is why buying a used car is a great long-term financial strategy. A brand-new car can lose over half of its value in the first three years. By buying the car used, you get that depreciation as savings instead of as lost asset value. And with used cars, you have others' experience to go on when trying to decide on which features work well and which don't work at all. With how technologically advanced modern cars are, that can avoid you hours of headaches. And, of course, the best reason to buy a Ford pre-owned car, truck, or SUV are the great savings you get, which is where our pre-owned Ford specials come in. Browse through our inventory and check out at just how low our special prices can be!

Excellent Cars and Trucks

We do not just deliver great value for our customers, but also believe in making sure that all of the cars we offer our clients are of the highest possible quality. That is why each one of our pre-owned cars is carefully inspected by our mechanics before it goes on sale. They do not only make sure that it is clear of mechanical or safety problems, but also make sure that all equipment is working as it should be. That way if one of our cars catches your attention, you can be sure that it is a quality vehicle inside and out. We are also very picky with the vehicles that we select for sale and try to find cars with great options packages, popular options and a great value for the money. Our quality selection makes sure that every car you set your eyes on is an excellent deal, allowing you to focus on finding the right set of features for your needs.

There is everything to like about our Price, UT pre-owned Ford dealership. A wide and varied selection, high-quality vehicles with great value, and amazing prices and specials are all waiting for you. So come visit us today and take your favorite Ford pre-owned car, truck, or SUV for a test-drive!